Lelystad City Council does not want to increase berthing fees for the brown fleet this summer either

The Municipal Executive of Lelystad wants to lower the berthing fees for vessels of the brown fleet in Bataviahaven for another six months. This is stated in a proposal from the municipal executive committee to the city council.

The brown fleet consists of historic sailing ships that take passengers on inland waterway trips or sail to the mud flats. Due to the corona crisis, the fleet is having a "very hard time", writes the college. "The risk is great that these companies will no longer be able to keep their heads above water. As a result, part of this historic fleet may be lost. A fleet that can be seen as historical heritage."

Winter rates also charged in summer
Just like last year, the municipal executive committee wants to compensateLelystad's boats by not raising their summer berth fees. Normally Bataviahaven charges two rates during the year: the winter rate and the higher summer rate. The Board hopes that the municipal council will agree to keep the winter rate for the warmer months. This was done last year because of the corona crisis and the resulting loss of income for the charter vessels. 

The b and w proposal is to reduce the summer rate in three different categories for April 1 to November 1 this year. The reduction will apply only to ships in the brown fleet that had Bataviahaven as their home port in 2019 and 2020. The Board also wants the Bataviahaven Foundation to be compensated for the lost mooring fees. A maximum of 25,000 euros should be set aside for this. 

Waiting for government money
In September, the Cabinet announced a 15 million eurosupport package for the Dutch brown fleet. But last month, skippers had not heard anything about this, because it first had to be established which ships exactly fall under this heading. It will probably be a few monthsbefore there is any more clarity on this.

(Source: Omroep Flevoland)

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