Near the harbor of Lelystad, there is something for everyone. Nature enthusiasts can visit the Oostvaardersplassen, while shopaholics can indulge themselves in the nearby Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet. For history buffs, there is Batavialand and for airplane enthusiasts, there is Aviodrome. All easily accessible from the harbor of Lelystad.

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Aviodrome is a dynamical aviation-themepark located near Lelystad Airport. Aviodrome has an indoor exhibition of approximately 6000 square metres and a large outdoor area with historical aviation buildings and airplanes.

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Nature Park Lelystad

This magnificent nature reserve is home to wisents, elks, Père Davids deer, Przewalski horses, storks, beavers, otters, wild pigs and red deer. The animals live in their natural habitat where they can easily be observed.

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Marker Wadden

Only accessible by boat and about 4 miles offshore from Lelystad lays the Marker Wadden. On the main island you can walk along the beach, visit bird watching cabins or enjoy the sight of the Markermeer (Marker lake) from a twelve meter high watchtower.

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Toms Creek

Toms Creek is a fishing park located in Lelystad. Toms Creek has 10 fish ponds with different fish sorts like trout, carp and catfish. It’s suitable for both the experienced as well as the inexperienced fisherman.

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Werkeiland, also known as Work island is the place where the draining of Lelystad began. Work Island offers a lot of information about how the Dutch polders came to be.

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Batavialand is a shipyard dating back to the golden age. At Batavialand you can enjoy Dutch history by climbing aboard the Batavia, a replica of an old Dutch East India Company (VOC) vessel.

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Bataviastad Fashion Outlet

Discover the first fashion outlet center in the Netherlands at Batavia Haven. Shop affordably with discounts of 30% to 70% at Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet. Find over 250 national and international brands with stylish collections.

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The Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve is Europe’s largest wetland nature area. The greater part of this area encompasses wide stretches of lakes, ponds and unspoiled marshland.

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Pleasure boating

BataviaHaven offers pleasure boaters comfortable and spacious docks, with visitors usually having the choice between low or high docks and the freedom to choose a spot, while the harbor master can assign a spot during busy times.

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Charter sailing

BataviaHaven is a popular departure and arrival port for sailing charter ships with optimal facilities and a professional harbor service, and has regularly been voted the best charter harbor in the Netherlands.

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River cruising

Every year, hundreds of river cruise ships with tens of thousands of passengers dock at Batavia Haven, for which the facilities have been adapted with shore power, drinking water pipelines, and space for buses.

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