For pleasure craft, Batavia Haven offers plenty of comfortable (and sufficient) jetties. As a visitor, you usually have the choice of a low or high jetty. Larger boats in particular like to use the high jetties, which make it easier to get on and off the boats. In principle, every passer-by can choose a spot of their own. You can, for example, choose one of the quieter places. If you prefer to lie in the bustle of the boulevard, then that is also possible. The harbour masters will only assign you a spot if it is very busy. But wherever you moor, we have one important request: please leave as little space as possible between your boat and that of the person in front or behind you. That way everyone has enough room to moor.

More information for the pleasure cruiser

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Almost 200 comfortable berths are waiting for you at the Batavia Haven marina. You usually have the choice of a high or low jetty. If you like a bit of hustle and bustle around you, choose a berth close to the boulevard. Are you more of a peace and quiet person? Then you will also find a good spot in the harbour. On normal days you are free to find and choose your own spot. Close as possible behind the ship in front of you. Then there will be enough space left for others. On busy days, the harbourmaster will assign you your spot.

Rates and checkout

The rate for pleasure boats is € 2.20 per metre. This rate includes use of water, electricity 16A, Wifi. Excluding tourist tax of 1 euro per person per night (from persons older than 13 years). You will find the Harbour Office in the large apartment building on the Boulevard. On the ground floor, in the hall, you will find the 'Steel' Harbour Master. Access is open from 06.30 and 23.00.

Harbour office

In the hall of the harbour office you will find our "steel" harbour master where you can pay your berth fees. Payment only with PIN. The harbour office, first floor, is closed to the public due to the Corona Measures. Next to the steel harbour master you will find a rack with folders including the now famous discount cards for Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet. Only cards stamped by us are entitled to discount.