Bicycles for Passanten

We have just received 6 brand new bicycles for the passanten staying at Bataviahaven Lelystad.

If you are staying at Bataviahaven with your ship and need to visit the supermarket or run other errands, you can approach the harbor office to request the key. This way, you can easily and quickly reach your destination. Let us help make your stay at Bataviahaven as comfortable and convenient as possible!

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Pleasure boating

BataviaHaven offers pleasure boaters comfortable and spacious docks, with visitors usually having the choice between low or high docks and the freedom to choose a spot, while the harbor master can assign a spot during busy times.

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Charter sailing

BataviaHaven is a popular departure and arrival port for sailing charter ships with optimal facilities and a professional harbor service, and has regularly been voted the best charter harbor in the Netherlands.

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River cruising

Every year, hundreds of river cruise ships with tens of thousands of passengers dock at Batavia Haven, for which the facilities have been adapted with shore power, drinking water pipelines, and space for buses.

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